Organisation the Event

Download a copy of the Club Competitions Handbook here

Appoint a Co-Ordinator - to oversee the entire event

  • Some clubs do not appoint a floor manager as the Head Judge may check the judge’s sheets after the runners have collected them Or if a floor manager is appointed he/she may not be au fait with competition procedure. In such a case it is a good idea to appoint a competition co-ordinator, usually selected from the committee, to oversee the event.

  • Make sure the Co-Ordinator is aware of any special rules in regard to all aspects of the event.

  • The Co-Ordinator is the overseer of all portfolios. Suggest this person is either a judge or someone who is an experienced Official within your club and who is not officiating or competing.

Final decisions on any queries from the Floor Manager, Scrutineers, Head Judge stop with the Co-Ordinator.


Select a person/s to choose the music from the current National Song List.

  1. They must be an independent person/s i.e. not dancing, coaching, family ties etc.

  2. The person/s should have a good knowledge of competitions and music. (Consider speed of music appropriate to the section).

  3. Person/s to liaise with the DJ appointed to make sure all songs are available.


  • Check Association Book B for time allowances.

  • Be aware of individuals dancing twice. Allow a break between the events they are competing in.

  • Allow time between couples and triples events for changing, if required.

  • If events are to be run together because of low entries, in fairness to Judges and competitors, Restricted sections should not be danced with any other section.

  • Be fair to your competitors and avoid running widely disparate age groups together, e.g. Open combined with Diamond.

Set Up

  • Set up table with medals and trophies, in the order of the finals, for ease of presentation.

  • Set up a table for the Officials, providing refreshments.

  • The Scrutineer needs a table with a desk lamp and also refreshments.

  • Have a programme marked with any assessments for the Scrutineer and the Floor Manager/ Head Judge.

  • Sort out competition and best-dressed numbers, certificates etc for the competitors meeting.

  • Have judging sheets ready on a clipboard for each judge, complete with a pen. Include a copy of the programme with each board. The sheets should be in programme order and where possible, competitor’s numbers are to be written in.

  • Ensure Podiums are ready for presentations.

Trophy Return

Check trophies are returned in plenty of time and that they are in good condition, engraved, clean and polished.


  • Presenter of Trophies - Select and invite person/s for this prior to the event.

  • Entry forms - Ensure distribution and state close-off date to be returned by.

  • Medals, trophies, certificates - Check requirements and order if necessary.

  • Photographs, videos - Make appropriate arrangements, if necessary.

For further information regarding the running of competitions refer to 

National Association Rule Book A, Book B, and your own Club Constitution.