Music is an integral part of Rock 'n' Roll dancing and competition music is selected from the National Playlist. It is recommended that competition dancers are familiar with the music on the playlist.

Clubs who have any questions about the music are to contact the Association Secretary.

The National Play List consists of agreed songs recorded between the years of 1951 and 1964 inclusive and are original recording and artist (or most known version).

The songs for the list are a minimum of 1 minute 45 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

  • Slow songs are from 110 bpm to 136 bpm inclusive
  • Medium songs are from 137 bpm to 156 bpm inclusive
  • Fast songs are from 155 bpm to 185 bpm inclusive

2016 National Play List

National Play List       National Play List for Booklet Printing

New Songs October 2016

Note that the Song List October 2016 has been retimed and the following alterations to sections apply:

Two songs have been removed from the list as they have been retimed as too slow for inclusion:

“Magic Moments” by Perry Como & “Such an Easy Question” by Elvis Presley

 Retiming has meant some songs have moved to a different category. They are, with the new timings in brackets:


From Slow to Medium:

Honky Tonk Man (141 bpm)

Maybe Baby (137bpm)

Poetry in Motion (138 bpm)

From Medium to Slow

Forty Cups of Coffee (135bpm)

From Medium to Fast

One Minute to One (158bpm)

Your True Love (158bpm)

From Fast to Medium

Have I the Right (143 bpm)

You’ve Got Everything (155 bpm)


From Fast to the Medium crossover section (156 bpm)

Note: can be used as either Fast or Medium


Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

Ring a Ting Ting

Great Balls of Fire,

I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter.

From Medium to the Fast Crossover section (156 bpm)

Note: can be used as either Fast or Medium

Ruby Ann


From the Medium/Fast Crossover to Medium Only

Talk of the School(155 bpm)

Where Were You On Our Wedding Day (155 bpm)

Swingin’ Daddy (152 bpm)