Scrutineers Training

We are now offering an updated correspondence course, covering the manual processes used in scrutineering of assessments and competitions. It is delivered in 2 parts followed by an examination, and those passing will become New Zealand Rock’n’Roll Association (NZARRA) Scrutineers.

Club members who wish to do Scrutineer training can email Yolanda van Dorrestein or phone 027 284 5998.

The cost of the course is $50 payable to the Association.

Qualified Scrutineers
Must have passed the NZARRA Scrutineers exam

Correspondence Course (2 postings) plus an exam at the end of the course

OR Must be a qualified scrutineer and a member of the New Zealand Society of Scrutineers

Contact information:

The Secretary
NZ Society of Scrutineers
PO Box 35 813
Browns Bay

For details of correspondence courses and costs contact the NZ Society of Scrutineers Secretary at the Address above

List of Scrutineers

Scrutineers Sheets

Scrutineering sheets can be downloaded for use at club and local competitions and for assessments.

Note that the following sheets have been updated after Rule Book Changes, and should replace older sheets:

Also updated are the results sheets, there are now 2 different results sheets:

  • 4 placings now showing 4th to 1st for results in all couples sections - to be called in that order.
  • 3 Placings for Best Dressed, Triples, all team events and smaller local competitons where there are only 3 placings - these are also in calling order 3rd - 1st
  • The Best Dressed final scrutineering sheets also now show just 3 placings.

Club Scrutineer Sheet - for heats or finals judged on points - up to 7 judges, adding across page

Club Scrutineers Sheet 2  - for heats or finals judged on points - up to 7 judges, adding down page

Club Scrutineers Sheet Finals - for finals on placings, up to 7 judges, 6 competitors

Assessment Sheet 2019 - For working out and recording assessment results. 

Recall Sheet - for listing call backs to semis, finals

Results Sheets 4 placings - for listing results of finals

Results Sheets 3 Placings - for listing results of finals