Delegates, TES and any information regarding expenses.


Travel Equalisation Scheme (TES) payments are due by 1st April in the year of the AGM and must be paid by clubs intending to send delegates to the AGM. 

Accounts will be emailed to clubs prior to due date. Refer to Rule Book A, 1.5

A 10% penalty will apply after that date.

1st Delegate $225

2nd Delegate $300

Observers (from clubs with Delegate/s only) $75

$225 of each delegate fee goes into a "Travel Equalisation Scheme" out of which all travel for all delegates is paid. Any balance that remains after reimbursing all travel, is split amongst all of the attending clubs (based on the number of delegates sent). Observers do not get travel reimbursed and are not included in the TES scheme

All travel claims must be in the hands of the Association Secretary no later than seven days
prior to the AGM. Any claims submitted after the seven days will not be reimbursed.

All other expenses are at the club's or delegate's cost.