Junior Nationals Entry Forms

The entry Forms for the 2020 Junior Nationals can be downloaded here or on the Nationals pages.

The cost of entering is advised by newsletter, on the 2020 Junior Nationals page of the website in November of the year prior to the competition and on the entry forms.

Junior Nationals Entry Forms

Senior Nationals Entry Forms

Entry forms for the 2020 Senior Nationals will be available to downloaded here soon.... 

The cost of entering is advised by newsletter.

Senior Nationals Entry Forms    

Medal Sponsorship Forms

Clubs can sponsor medals by section. Clubs that sponsor will be acknowledged by the MC at presentations. 

Download the application form.

Assessments Cover Letter

An assessment cover letter must be completed and sent to the Head Judge with all judges and scrutineers sheets, and programme from the competition or assessment. 

Cover Assessment Form

Executive Nomination Form

Download the nomination form here

Trainee Judge Application Form

Download a trainee judge application form here.

Head Judge Nomination Form

Download here and email the form to the Association Secretary.

Judging Sheets for Club Competitions

Best Dressed Heats  

Best Dressed Finals   

Club Judging Sheets Heats, Points & Assessments 

Restricted Club Judging Sheets Points and Assessments

Club Finals Judges Sheets Placings 

Club Finals Judges Sheets Placings Restricted Sections

Judging Sheets Triples - Heats, Points & Assessments

Club Finals Judges Sheets Placings Triples

Scrutineering Sheets & Scrutineering Assessment Sheets

Reimbursement Form

Judges and officials invited to a National competition need to complete a reimbursement form for the Association Treasurer.

Reimbursment Form