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The Combined Judges Workshop 2020 that was to be held in Wellington is now Cancelled.  

It will now be held via ZOOM Workshop. Your Head Judge will have more details and sent them accordingly.

The date for the Judges workshop via Zoom Meeting is to be still held on Saturday 18 July 2020. 

Dear Judges

This is the year for our Combined National Judges Workshop 18 July 2020, however, with the current restrictions on travel and community gatherings it will have a different vibe to it this time around.

At this stage I envisage a ZOOM workshop that I hope most Judges will be able to participate in on Saturday 18 July 2020.

Keeping it fun, energetic and thoughtful with good preparation prior to the event should see this proceed and still be of great value overall.

More details later, however, please arrange for any travel flight credits accordingly.

Kind Regards,

Colleen Ryan
Head Judge

Please Refer to Rule Book A for more information about the levels of judging.

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Judging Guidelines are to assist dancers also - compulsory reading for all competitive dancers!

Dress Guidelines:  Suggestions and guidelines only of appropriate dress code of the 1950’s

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Do you want to be a rock'n'roll judge?

Step 1 - Complete the Trainee Judge Application form below.

Step 2 - Send the form and a letter of support from your club to the Head Judge - headjudge@rocknroll.org.nz

Step 3 - Upon acceptance of the application and with the approval of the Executive & the Head Judge,  you are accepted as a Trainee Judge, and added to the list. 

Step 4  - You can now start training and must attend a judging workshop (a minimum of one per year).

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 Club Competitions

The Association is delighted to have a number of trainee judges who need opportunities to armchair judge at competitions. Also, once the armchair criteria is completed, trainees need to officially judge competitions to work towards becoming an Association Judge.   Therefore a list of local competitions is loaded on the website—giving  trainees an idea of clubs to approach in their area.   Clubs - to be listed contact secretary@rocknroll.org.nz