The 2022 AGM is to be held as a ZOOM Meeting on the 28th May, 2022

Reminder: Clubs, you are welcome to have 2 delegates and 1 observer attend the AGM. There is no cost for them this year.

Please register your attendees to our Association Secretary by 7 May 2022 with their names, addresses and phone numbers. Related paper work and guidance will be sent to your club and registered attendees in advance of the day.

Remits due - 22 March 2022 (60 days before the AGM)

Head Judge Election - 22 March 2022  (60 days prior to the AGM)

Head Judge Vote closes - 21 April 2022 (30 days before the AGM)

Executive Nominations - 21 April 2022 (30 days before the AGM)