Club Competitions


The following are guidelines and suggestions only for Clubs in the running of Club Championships and/or “interclub” competitions. Most of this information can be obtained from NZARRA Inc Book B (Administration) and Rule Book A.

Please Note: The NZ Association has no jurisdiction over how a club or committee wish to run their competitions except that any assessments taking place at such competition must abide by Assn Rules.

Appoint a coordinator to oversee the entire event

Some clubs do not appoint a floor manager as the head judge may check the judge’s sheets after the runners have collected them. Or if a floor manager is appointed he/she may not be au fait with competition procedure. In such a case it is a good idea to appoint a competition coordinator, usually selected from the committee, to oversee the event.

Make sure the coordinator is aware of any special rules in regard to all aspects of the event. The Coordinator is the overseer of all portfolios. Suggest this person is either a judge or someone who is an experienced Official within your club and who is not officiating or competing.

Final decisions on any queries from Floor Manager, Scrutineers, Head Judge stop with the coordinator.

Judges, Scrutineer/s, & MC, DJ

Select and invite all officials well in advance.

Select a head judge from the judges invited.

Endeavour to have officially judging an uneven number of judges (for scrutineering purposes), i.e. 3, 5 or 7. Surplus judge/s can armchair

(A judges and scrutineers list can be obtained from this website)

When an inter-club or regional competition, if finances allow, select a judge or judges from another region as well.

Check for possible relationship to competitors e.g. Coaching, family.

Include trainees to armchair if possible.

Floor Manager, Runners

Select and invite well in advance. Give explicit instructions as to their duties (see job descriptions to follow).

Entry Forms

Have a close off date for entries.

Allow plenty of time for the programme to be completed and judges’ sheets to be copied.

Competitors should indicate whether assessment is required.


More information on assessments is now on a special page, including the current address for competition sheets.

All assessments must be advised to National Head Judge before the day of the competition. Host Club/Organisers of the event are responsible for all assessments and rules pertaining to such.

Assessment sheets are to be sent to the National Head Judge at the address provided on the Assessments page within one week of the competition by the host club or competition organisers.

The coordinator, floor manager and/or head judge should be informed of any assessments.

The scrutineers must know if an assessment is taking place to fill in the appropriate sheets and know whom the assessing judges are.


Check Assn Book B for time allowances.

Be aware of individuals dancing twice. Allow a break between the events they are competing in.

Allow time between couples & triples events for changing if required.

If events are to be run together because of low entries, in fairness to Judges and competitors, Restricted sections should not be danced with any other section.

Be fair to your competitors and avoid running widely disparate age groups together, e.g. Open combined with Diamond.


Select a person/s to choose the music from the current National Song List.

They must be an independent person/s i.e. not dancing, coaching, family ties etc.

The person/s should have a good knowledge of competitions and music. (Consider speed of music appropriate to the section).

Person/s to liaise with the DJ appointed to make sure all songs are available.

Judges sheets

Call the Association Head Judge if unsure as to what sheets are required.

Most sheets are available on this site.  Copy sufficient for all classes/ judges.

When sections are run together, ensure sheets are self-explanatory. Judges should be made aware of this at the Judges meeting.

Provide scrutineers and assessment sheets.

Armchair judges sheets should be of a different colour or clearly marked e.g. highlight pen struck through.

A copy of all judges’ sheets must be sent to the Association Head Judge whether assessments have taken place or not.

Armchair judges sheets are not seen by the competitors and are to be sent directly to the Association Head Judge.

Decide on the judging format:

Are the judges to judge timing, harmony and variety for all heats, (quarter-finals, semi-finals) or are 2 judges judging each category separately (as in large competitons, e.g. Nationals)

Are finals to be judged on placings – i.e. not points.(please note: In a final if assessments are taking place points must be used)

ALL judging sheets are to be sent to the NZ Head Judge within one week of the competition.

Sheets for special categories

The Head Judge of the event needs to be aware of any special requirements for the judging of “fun competitons e.g. Same Sex, Mix and Match, Unders and Overs etc. Is the section to be judged on Timing, Harmony and Variety, or is it to be different e.g. presentation, fun appeal?

Official’s reimbursement

The Association recommends officials - MC, Floor Manager, Judges, Scrutineers, should be adequately reimbursed for travel. Refer to the Association Book B for  the current suggested reimbursement rate. Note that you can negotiate terms with your invited officials, the suggested rate is for National events and is a guide only for clubs.

Set Up

Set up table with medals and trophies, in the order of the finals for ease of presentation.

Set up a table for the Officials, provide refreshments.

The Scrutineer needs a table with a desk lamp, also refreshments.

Have a programme marked with any assessments for the Scrutineer & the Floor Manager/ Head Judge.

Sort out competition and best-dressed numbers, certificates etc for the competitors meeting.

Have judging sheets ready on a clipboard for each judge, complete with a pen. Include a copy of the programme with each board. The sheets should be in programme order and where possible, competitor’s numbers are to be written in.

Ensure Podiums are ready for presentations.

Trophy return

Check trophies are returned in plenty of time and that they are in good condition, engraved, clean and polished.


Presenter of Trophies - Select and invite person/s for this.

Entry forms - Ensure distribution and state close-off date to be returned by.

Medals, trophies, certificates - Check requirements and order if necessary

Photographs, videos - Make appropriate arrangements, if necessary

For further information regarding the running of competitions refer to National Association Rule Book A, Book B, and your own Club Constitution.

 Job Descriptions

Floor Manager

Note: The smooth running of the competition is your responsibility. Please keep a check on the programme times and liaise throughout with all other officials.

• Meet with the Host Coordinator and the Head Judge to discuss any special requirements regarding the running of the programme or judging of any categories.

• Receive instructions from coordinator as to whether you are to check judging sheets for signatures, signing of corrections/alterations, correct numbers of placings etc, before handing to the Scrutineer.

• Check for any scratchings and/or late entries and advise the Head Judge.

• Ensure Scrutineer/s is advised of any assessments taking place.

• Provide a box for the armchair judges sheets.

• Check that judges’ boards have pens, programmes etc and that sheets are in the correct order.

• Liaise with the DJ & MC to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

• Advise competitors of any special requirements and run through rules.

• Hand out numbers and certificates, if any.

• Together with the Head Judge check dress code requirements, especially where assessments are taking place.

• Check that the dance floor is clean and free of debris throughout the competition.

• Watch for any judge with an arm raised. This could occur for a range of reasons. E.g., an unsuitable song, debris on the floor, audience behaviour.

• Collect any medications from Dancers.

• Check that numbers are secure at the end of each dance, replace pins where needed.

• Dispatch runners when Head Judge indicates that judging is completed.

• Advise the MC when dancers may leave the floor.

• Ensure podiums are in place.

• Assist trophy presenter/s with the correct presentation of awards.

• Ensure all sheets are safely put away and at the end of the night and /or hand to Secretary or President for copying.

Music Selection

• Music must be from the current Nationals song list.

• Where possible, ensure that songs used by a section over the last couple of years are not repeated for that section.

• When heats are being danced, ensure all heats in a section have songs of similar length, tempo and speed so that no competitor will be disadvantaged.

• Ensure the DJ and the Floor Manager are provided with the music list. The DJ at least a few days before hand.

• Confidentiality is essential.


• Check all entrants are current financial members and, if inter-club competition, that the entry is signed by member’s Secretary or President, authorizing entry.

• Check entry forms for spelling, ages and if being assessed.

• Collate entries into sections.

• Copy sufficient judges sheets, scrutineer’s sheets and assessment sheets.

• Ensure there is an adequate supply of programmes for the tables.

• Advise the Association Head Judge of any partnerships seeking assessment. Include the place, time and date of assessment and all assessing judges’ names.

• Sort judging sheets onto judges’ boards in programme order. Write in club, section, date, judge’s number, and competitor numbers where possible.

• Supply judges with pens and a copy of the programme.

• Sort Competitors numbers and certificates (if using); check for any scratchings and/or late entries and advise the Coordinator/Floor Manager/Head Judge.

• After the competition, arrange for all sheets to be copied and sent to the National Head Judge. (Note, armchair sheets go directly to the Head Judge) A judge may request a set of sheets be sent to them, this is fine.

Head Judge

Check with Coordinator/Floor Manager as to any special requirements/rules in regard to the competition process.

• Check with Club coordinator or Floor Manager to see if you are to check judging sheets for signatures and alterations before sending to scrutineers.

• Make sure you give any special instructions to the judging team. It is important that they are comfortable with the programme and know what is expected of them in regard to special sections.

• Signal to the floor manager that a section’s judging is complete so he/she can instruct the runners.

• Keep a note of anything unusual that happens effecting judging,

e.g. music is stopped and re-started, music jumps, crowd disturbance etc, to pass on to the Association Head Judge.


• Position yourself close to the Floor Manager while the competition is in progress.

• Take instructions from the Floor Manager.

• Relay any messages from the Head Judge or judges to the Floor Manager.

• Have sheets correct way up and hand to Floor Manager one by one for checking. Pass armchair sheets straight to scrutineers or place in box provided.

• Never rush a judge if by chance they are still working on their sheet. Stand clear until the judge has finished.