All about assessments!

Assessment is required for competitors in all sections at Senior & Junior Nationals, with the exception of:

Section 14 Novice, Section 5 Top Club, Section15 Senior Teams, Section 9 Cheerleaders & Section 6 Novelty

The National Qualifying  Levels and all the rules applying to assessments are in Section 3 of Rule Book A

Most important is that the National Head Judge must be advised before any assessment takes place.

After the assessment an Assessment Cover Sheet is to be completed and sent with all the judging and scrutineering sheets, and a programme of the competition (if applicable) to:

C/- Head Judge, 201 King Street, Cambridge, 3434

or scanned and emailed to the Head Judge

This should be done within one week of the competition/assessment taking place.

Other sheets you may need:

Judging Sheets

Assessment Scrutineering Sheet