Judges Format, Sheets

Judges sheets

Please call the Association Head Judge if unsure as to what sheets are required.

Most sheets are available on this site.  Copy sufficient for all classes/ judges.

  1. When sections are run together, ensure sheets are self-explanatory - Judges should be made aware of this at the Judges meeting.
  2. Provide Scrutineers and assessment sheets.
  3. Armchair Judges sheets should be of a different colour or clearly marked e.g. highlight pen struck through.
  4. A copy of all judges’ sheets must be sent to the Association Head Judge whether assessments have taken place or not.
  5. Armchair judges sheets are not seen by the competitors and are to be sent directly to the Association Head Judge only.

If there is an assessment that has taken place, the Judges sheets must be sent to both

 Association Secretary and  Association Head Judge.

Decide on the Judging format:

Are the judges to judge:

Timing, Harmony and Variety for all heats, (quarter-finals, semi-finals) or are 2 judges judging each category separately (As in large competitions, e.g. Nationals).

Are Finals to be judged on placings – i.e. not points 

(Please note: In a final, if assessments are taking place, points must be used).

ALL judging sheets are to be sent to the NZ Association Head Judge, within one week of the competition.

Sheets for special categories

The Head Judge of the event needs to be aware of any special requirements for the judging of “fun competitons e.g. Same Sex, Mix and Match, Unders and Overs etc. 

Is the section to be judged on Timing, Harmony and Variety, or is it to be different e.g. presentation, fun appeal?