Rule Books

These Rule Books are for the information of all clubs, judges, scrutineers & dancers. 

2020 Rule Book A - Competitions

Download the complete Rule Book A as a PDF document.

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or read by section below:

Section 1 - General General Information about Fees, TES & the AGM, and National Competitons

Section 2 - Dress Code What you can and cannot wear to compete at National Competitions.

Section 3 - Assessments All about being assessed for National Competition, assessment levels

Section 4 - Entries & Entry Forms Entering the National Competitions, filling out the forms

Section 5 - Competition Process  How the programe is set, how the finals are reached, and the music.

Section 6 - Judging System  How the national Competition is judged in heats and finals

Section 7 - Conduct & Obligations What is expected of judges, competitors and supporters at National competitions

Section 8 - Judges  Judges - training criteria, description of levels, and selection for national competition

Section 9 - Challenge Cups & Trophies All about the trophies, receiving and returning

Section 10 - Definitions How everything is defined

Section 11 - Judging Definitions More about judging

Alterations to Rules in Book A are decided by Remits presented at the AGM.

2020 Rule Book B—Administration

Job descriptions, how to be a Host Club and what the DJ, MC, Floor Managers etc do.

Book B Administration 2021


Details about how the Association is conducted.

Constitution 2015