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NZARRA Resignation Announcement!

Regretfully, Jan Morgan has resigned as National Association President, advising that this is due to increased work commitments and ongoing health issues. We wish her all the best.

Our Vice President Karen Birch is willing to take on the role of President until the AGM, and the Eexcutive would support her in doing that, however our Constitution states that for any resignation other than Head Judge, we must "in the first instance approach the delegates and observers of that [most recent] AGM to identify and appoint a replacement". So we are doing just that.

We have contacted all delegates and observers and asked them that if they wish to put themselves forward for the position of National Association President, to please email our Secretary before 30 October.

We will be back in contact after that if for some reason the Executive and AGM delegates are unable to come to a resolution on the matter.

Kind Regards,

Neva Zainey

NZARRA Secretary

Posted: Thu 21 Oct 2021