2018 Junior Nationals

The Host Club for the 2018 Junior Nationals is City of Sails Rock'n'Roll Revival Club

To be held in Auckland over Easter 30th March - 1st April 2018

The Venue is Somerville Intermediate School, 39 Somerville Road, Howick, Auckland

For further information contact City of Sails Club 


From the Host Club: Newsletter and Ticket Information

Information from the Association: 

Entries for Junior Nationals 2018 close 31st January 2018. PDF Entry Forms can be downloaded here.

Clubs preferring a word document need to contact the Secretary

Entry Forms 2018

Top Club Song For 2018 Juniors

“One Minute to One” by Ricky Nelson 158 BPM, 2 min long

Trophy Return

Trophies won at the 2017 Junior Nationals are to be returned by

1st February 2018 - an email has been sent to the clubs involved.

For any further information contact secretary@rocknroll.org.nz